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House Hunting In Clayton? Meet Larry Levy

House hunting in the Clayton area, why not look to Larry Levy’s professional experience? We sat down with him to discuss his expertise in this sought-after neighborhood.

Why Choose Clayton?

Amenities play an important role in a buyer’s decision. Clayton provides a central location, a top school district, a community center, dining, retail, and entertainment options, and traditional homes with tree-lined streets and sidewalks.

What Types Of Homes Are In The Clayton Area?

Homes that were built starting at the turn of the 20th century through the 1960s and ‘70s. In the 1980s, homes were built in the northern part of Clayton (Old Town Clayton) as well as the Clayton Gardens area. And then there are some intermittent buildings in the central part of Clayton—the White Elms, Clayton Hanley Corridor, etc.

What Kind Of Updates Are Buyers Looking For In The Clayton Area When They Are Looking To Buy?

Updated kitchens and baths are the most popular, and then having regular maintenance on the air conditioning, heating, and roofing are essential.

Is There Anything You Suggest That Sellers Do Before They List?

What’s most important is getting the house “show-ready.” That involves de-cluttering all the items that don’t need to be shown. It’s also taking care of maintenance items, repairs, and painting (where possible) in neutral tones. The buyers want to come in and see the space, not the seller’s items.

Is Staging Something You Recommend For Sellers To Do In The Clayton Area?

Yes, I believe that staging is an integral part of sellers who have moved out. The staging needs to tell a story, and the story needs to blend and relate to the style of the home. For example, if it’s a traditional, Tudor-style home, you don’t want to have a lot of contemporary furniture and pictures. You might do more traditional styling with a blend of contemporary accessories to keep it modern.

Can You Talk About A Recent Sale You’ve Made And How It Sold?

They’ve mostly been townhome-style residences in the Clayton Garden area. And what makes those so popular is that they are newer (less than 20 years old) and have a central location. The spaces themselves were open and big, not narrow and tight. The buyers wanted to get rid of the heavy maintenance costs that they’ve had in the past, so the purchases worked out perfectly.

How Do Your Clients Typically Find You Or Hear About You?

I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years, so a lot of my clients come from word-of-mouth. Then there’s the combination of my marketing efforts and my databases of people I’ve previously worked with. I was born and raised in Clayton, and my family still lives in Clayton. So it’s just been a strong commitment to relationships and creating trust.

You Said You Have Been Doing Real Estate For Nearly 20 Years. Can You Talk About How Long You’ve Been With Janet Mcafee?

I have been with Janet McAfee for a little over ten years. Before that, I worked for a luxury new home builder for a couple of years, and early in my career, I was with a web of large brokers. So it’s been in the last 11 years that I’ve learned the nuances of working with luxury clients. They are more educated clients, lead a sophisticated lifestyle, and need a larger home.

What Is It Like Working At Janet Mcafee?

Janet McAfee has provided me with tons of support. The management and staff are very professional, and they have experience in luxury sales in Saint Louis. The marketing tools they offer maximize the exposure and create continuity in my brand, Larry Levy Luxury Homes. 

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