Thankful for These 5 Kitchen Luxuries

Thankful for These 5 Kitchen Luxuries

With the Thanksgiving feast fast approaching, which kitchen appliances are you most thankful for? Here are a few luxuries that would make any cook happy.
  1. Warming Drawer – With oven space at a premium, what better solution for keeping our favorite recipes deliciously fresh and warm?

  2. Wine Refrigerator – This saves me from running down to the basement every time we need to open a new bottle.

  3. Task Lighting – When guests arrive and naturally want to congregate in the kitchen, I can dim overhead fixtures and pendants while still having light to work.

  4. Glass Washer Drawer – A true convenience eliminating long nights spent hand washing delicate stemware.

  5. Recycle Cabinets – The easiest way to separate waste from recyclables.
What’s on your wish list for the best kitchen appliance?
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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